Awesome Projects

Innovative projects in several countrie, with internacionals awards.


Professional Trained

We've trained professionals in the whole country, in person, online and in-company.


Code Lines

We have solutions written in various programming languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Python, Pig, HIVE, among others.


Request Process/seg in our cluster

We have a BigData solutions runing on Apache Hadoop Cluster.

Some of our Customers

Our Vison

Being a company that learns being able to turn knowledge into innovative products and services.

Our Mission

Technologies Furniture and BigData are changing the way people communicate and the very face of the Internet, technology companies need to be updated to identify the business opportunities in this new wave.

Our Filosofy

We are passionate about what we do. We are not afraid of change, we are a company that learns and seeks always be up to date with cutting-edge technologies. We do what needs to be done with quality and professionalism. We are willing to work hard and with passion to achieve our goals.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Alessandro Binhara

Mobile Expert & Data Scientist

Master of Project Management Complex for UTF-PR also formed a Bachelor of Information Technology and Electronic Technician at CEFET-PR. Software developer 18 years worked in companies like CREA-PR, TRE-PR, CELEPAR, using technologies such as C ++, ASM, Pascal, Java, IL, C #, PHP, Ruby, Boo. It was Assistant Coordinator of the Institute of Technology of Paraná (TECPAR) where he coordinated the project NETWORK SOL which won the Finep Award for Technological Innovation in Product Category for southern region in 2002 for the Digital Notebook Project. Was Director of Free Software SUCESU-PR, featured in Linux Journal as the Brazilian free software personality, founder of the Mono Project Brazil.

Alexandre Marcondes

Mobile Expert

Coach executives and successful professionals with 18 years of experience in Information Technology. More than 40,000 hours of experience as a software developer and over 1000 professionals trained in the area. His vast experience with remote work groups on different arrangements allowed him to work with people from 4 continents and over 35 countries. Consultant in Information Technology with Diploma in Technology in Data Processing. One of MonoHacker who worked on the project monobasic.

Alex Montanha

Master Image Processing

He is graduated in Technology in Data Processing (1997), has Specialties in Systems Analysis (2001) and Development with Free Software focusing on Mono and .Net (2010). Master in Computer Science from the State University of Maringa (2010). International research projects developed by Duke University and has worked in at least 31 of them (2006/2007), with publication of article by IEEE. He was a researcher at CNPQ pouch three times in projects related to image processing and robotics. As a speaker, he participated in numerous events in the country and abroad, and is a permanent member of the International Scientific Committee (Comtel - Peru). It Latinux Coordinator of the State of Paraná and founder of Solivre.It has experience in computer science, working mainly as a Project Manager, Consultant and Coaching.



We currently have a team that specializes in developing apps for Android, training and development of distribution of the android operating system.



We are focused on developing for iOS and MacOSX using Xamarin technology.


Windows Phone

in addition to the Windows Phone training, we have ported many WP applications for Android and iOS.


Apache Hadoop

We build the first commercial Hadoop cluster for Buscape company with over 70 knots processing 1.5 million transactions per second. Atuamente work with recommendation system and image processing on Hadoop.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Claudenir Andrade, Daruma Urmet

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Renato Rodrigues, SENAC-RN

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Rawlison Terrabio, BeeTech Inc.

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Rógerio Oliveira, TECPAR

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Interopmix 2015 Conference - São Paulo and Curitiba

Registrations are open for the InteropMix 2015 - the event of Mobo and Xamarin community in Brazil. Read More

Coalti 2015 Conference - Maceio-AL

3rd Largest Latin America IT Event Read More


Training to enable students develop Mobile cross-platform C# and Xamarin, reusing as much code between platforms to WindowsPhone, Android and iOS. Using C # Language and Xamarin. We live classes and lessons recorded with demonstrations of Cross-mobile practical applications. Read More


Training enable the student development Immersive Games with the use of virtual reality to virtual reality devices for Mobile Cross-Platform with C#. This course is an introduction to Games Desenvolvimetno giving an overview of game development 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and an introduction to the use of virtual reality devices. Read More

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